Barack Obama      

Dad, husband, President, citizen.

Narendra Modi    

Prime Minister of India 🇮🇳

Prime Minister of India

Donald Trump        

45th President of the United States

45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸

Michelle Obama      

Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief. #IAmBecoming

Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief.

Hillary Clinton    

Doting grandmother, among other things.

2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger      

Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back. TikTok and Snap: ArnoldSchnitzel

Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back. TikTok & Snapchat: ArnoldSchnitzel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez    

Congresswoman for NY-14: Bronx and Queens🇺🇸 100% grassroots. Personal account. For on-the-job Congressional updates, visit @repaoc

US Representative,NY-14 (BX & Queens). In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. 💯% People-Funded, no lobbyist💰. She/her.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum      

The official Instagram feed of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai

Official Tweets by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Bernie Sanders      

U.S. Senator for Vermont and candidate for President of the United States

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

Bill Clinton    

Father, grandfather, 42nd President of the United States, Founder, Clinton Foundation. Follow for more on our work around the world.

Smriti Z Irani  

Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development | MP Amethi Lok Sabha Constituency

Elizabeth Warren      

US Senator, MA. Fmr teacher & law professor. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, CFPB), grandmother & Okie. Official account: 2020 Presidential Campaign.

U.S. Senator, Massachusetts. She/her/hers. Official Senate account.

Michael Moore  

Filmmaker. Writer. Citizen. Podcaster. Listen/subscribe to my podcast “RUMBLE with Michael Moore” on Apple or Spotify.

Álvaro Uribe Vélez        

Senador electo 2014 - 2018. Presidente de la República de Colombia 2002 - 2010

Bienvenidos a la cuenta oficial de Twitter de Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Presidente de la República de Colombia 2002-2010. Página Web.

Kamala Harris    

U.S. Senator. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Still fighting for the people. She/her.

Marco Rubio    

The (not government) account of Marco Rubio

Follower of Christ,Husband,Father, Proud AMERICAN, US Senator for Florida, & . Official tweets & Campaign tweets

Joe Biden      

This account is run by the Office of Vice President Biden. Instagrams from the Vice President are signed -vp. Comments may be archived

Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to , proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators &

Justin Trudeau  

Father, husband, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Account run by PM & staff. Papa, mari, 23e premier ministre du Canada. Compte géré par le PM et son personnel.

Mike Pence  

Vice President of the United States

Stephanie Grisham  

Press Secretary. Connecting the American People to President ’s agenda. Tweets may be archived: .

Nancy Pelosi      

Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America's middle class & creating jobs.

Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America's middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.

Ted Cruz  

Father of two, 's husband, fighter for liberty. Representing the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Eric Trump  

Executive Vice President of The Organization. Husband to . Large advocate of Children's Research Hospital.

Marianne Williamson        

Activist, Author, Faith Leader, Founder of @thewilliamsoninstitute, 2020 candidate for President. #marianne2020

Author, activist, non-denominational faith leader, founder of . 2020 candidate for President of the United States.

Ilhan Omar        

Mom, Refugee, Intersectional Feminist, 2017 Top Angler of the Governor's Fishing Opener and Congresswoman for #MN05. Join me👇🏽

Mom, Refugee, Intersectional Feminist, 2017 Top Angler of the Governor's Fishing Opener and Congresswoman for . Join me 👇🏽

Al Gore      

Former Vice President of the United States, Nobel Prize Laureate, author, and proud @ClimateReality founder.

William Samoei Ruto  

Deputy President, Republic of Kenya

Rand Paul  

U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.

Raila Odinga  

This account is run by the office of H.E Raila Odinga. (Prime Minister 2008-2013) |African Union High Representative For infrastructure Development.

Boris Johnson  

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader. Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Pete Buttigieg      

Running for president of the United States. Veteran, musician, businessman, husband to Chasten. South Bend's "Mayor Pete."

Running for president of the United States. Afghanistan vet, musician, businessman, husband to Chasten, and South Bend's "Mayor Pete." He/him. (BOOT-edge-edge)

Jeremy Corbyn  

Labour MP for Islington North 🌹

Newt Gingrich  

Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House.

Mitt Romney  

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Former Governor, U.S. Senator (R-UT). Follow for official updates.

Adam Schiff  

Representing California's 28th Congressional District. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee ().

Kirsten Gillibrand          

Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator from New York. She/her.

Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator for New York. Not “very polite.” She/her.

Lindsey Graham        

The official Twitter feed for United States Senator Lindsey Graham.

Mike Huckabee    

Hosts “Huckabee" on TBN Sat 8/11pm ET, Sun9pm ET;Fox News contributor, author, Fmr AR Gov, Bass Guitarist, grandfather of 6 cutest kids in world!

Maxine Waters        

Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee.

Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee ().

James Comey    

Former FBI Director, current husband, father, and grandfather(!), writing and speaking about justice and leadership, taller and funnier in person.

Former FBI Director, current husband, father, and grandfather(!), writing and speaking about ethical leadership, taller and funnier in person.

George W. Bush      

43rd President of the United States and Founder of the George W. Bush Institute

43rd President of the United States. Former Governor of Texas.

Jeb Bush    

43rd Governor of the State of Florida

43rd Governor of Florida. Connect on Facebook:

Andrew Yang      

I’m running for President in 2020 (D). Fighting for: 💵 Freedom Dividend ($1k/mo. for all) 🏥 Medicare for All 🏛 Human Capitalism

2020 US Presidential Candidate (D). Entrepreneur & Founder of My book: Join the campaign here:

Kayleigh McEnany    

Fmr natl Press Sec for Trump 2020. Fmr GOP Spox. Harvard Law JD. Georgetown. Oxford. Phil. 4:6.

National Press Secretary for 2020 Campaign. Fmr Spox. Harvard Law JD. Georgetown. Oxford. Previvor. Wife of . Phil. 4:6

Stephan Harper  

Official Twitter account for Canada's 22nd Prime Minister. | Compte Twitter officiel du 22e Premier ministre du Canada

Preet Bharara  

Patriotic American & proud immigrant. fan. Banned by Putin, fired by Trump. Former US Attorney, SDNY. Host of "Stay Tuned"

Tulsi Gabbard        

#StandWithTulsi - former Presidential Candidate. Congresswoman. Wife. Sister. Veteran. Surfer. Soldier.

US Presidential candidate standing for a better America. Wife, Sister, Veteran, Surfer, Friend.

Jagat Prakash Nadda  

National President of Bharatiya Janata Party. Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

Nicola Sturgeon  

First Minister of Scotland, Leader and MSP for Glasgow Southside. Loves 📚

Kip Murkomen  

Husband, Father,Son, Brother,Uncle,Majority Leader & Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet County. I am both a work of art and an artist at work !

Nikki R. Haley      

Twitter: @NikkiHaley

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN. 116th Governor of South Carolina. Tiger. Proud American 🇺🇸.

Jim Jordan      

Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful fourth district. Ranking Member on . Fighting to

Malcom Turnbull  

29th Prime Minister of Australia - 2015 -2018.

Yanis Varoufakis    

Economics professor, quietly writing obscure economic texts for years, until thrust onto the public scene by Europe's inane handling of an inevitable crisis

Theresa May  

Member of Parliament for Maidenhead. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Kevin McCarthy    

Husband, Dad, Californian, and also Republican Leader in the House of Representatives.

Republican Leader and Representative of California's 23rd District in the House of Representatives.

Amy Klobuchar    

I get things done and I can win. I hope you'll join me on my homegrown campaign.

U.S. Senator from Minnesota and candidate for President. Text AMY to 91990 to join our homegrown campaign.

Chris Christie      


Official Twitter Account of the 55th Governor of New Jersey. Husband and proud father of four. ABC News Political and Legal Contributor

Paul Ryan      

Official account for Paul Ryan, 54th Speaker of the House

Husband; Proud father of 3; Wisconsinite; Go Pack Go!

Dan Crenshaw  

Dan Crenshaw, Congressman, Lieutenant Commander (Ret), a former Navy SEAL.

Devin Nunes    

RTs do not equal endorsement. This is my personal Twitter account. If you have questions about my official activities please visit my website.

Michael Avenatti      

Attorney, Dad, NY/LA

Attorney, Advocate, Fighter for Good. Co-Creator of “Individual 1” moniker. The “stable genius” thinks my last name is “Aviante.”

John Brennan  

Former CIA Director (2013-17). Nonpartisan American who is very concerned about our collective future.

Al Franken  

Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota

Allen West  

Former FL Rep, retired Army Lt. Col., author: Hold Texas, Hold the Nation Amazon: & candidate for State Chair, RPT /

Dan Scavino  

Currently serving as Assistant to the President and Director of Social Media at the White House. For official announcements, go to .

Eric Swalwell      

Dad to Nelson & Cricket | Husband | California Congressman Pre-order my book, ENDGAME now 👇

Husband & Papa to Nelson/Cricket. CA Congressman /. Promise of America: if you work hard, you do better & dream bigger

Thaksin Shinawatra  

The longest-serving democratically-elected Prime Minister of Thailand.

Carl Bildt  

Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations . Among many other things. På svenska på .

Ron Paul      

Former Congressman from Texas.

Eric Garcetti      

Official Instagram for the 42nd Mayor of the City of Angels, Eric Garcetti.

Official account for the 42nd Mayor of the City of Angels, Eric Garcetti. 📧: 👍: 📸:

James Orengo  

Senator, Siaya County and Senate Minority Leader

David Lammy  

MP for Tottenham. Former Minister (Higher Education, Culture, Justice, Health). Spurs fan . Order a signed copy of my new book, Tribes:

Jorge Castañeda  

Escritor, comentócrata y profesor en la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU).

Julián Castro      

Father, husband, Texan. He/Him/Él. Former HUD Secretary, Mayor of San Antonio.

Father, husband, Texan. He/Him/Él. Former Sec. of Housing & Urban Development, Mayor of San Antonio. Email:

Michael T. Flynn  

is for real. Let’s get Bestselling Author Stand for America Psalm 23

Elijah Cummings      

U.S. Representative from Maryland's 7th District, dedicated to serving and empowering the people I’m sworn to represent.

U.S. Representative from Maryland's 7th District, dedicated to serving and empowering the people I’m sworn to represent. RT's and Follows are not endorsements.

Chuck Grassley  

U.S. Senator. Family farmer. Lifetime resident of New Hartford, IA. Also follow for news and information.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai      

Inventor of Email. US Senate 2020 for Truth Freedom Health. CytoSolve. Systems Health. CleanFoodCertified. Innovation Corp. Nov 3 WRITE IN Dr.SHIVA⤵️

US Senate 2020. Scientist. Biologist. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Creating the Future. Truth Freedom Health. CytoSolve. Systems Health.EchoMail. CleanFoodCertified

Evan McMullin        

Executive director of Stand Up Republic. Former CIA operations officer, House GOP policy director, and independent presidential candidate.

Executive Director of . Former: CIA ops officer, GOP policy director, independent presidential candidate.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.    

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is founder + chairman of @WaterkeeperAlliance + @ChildrensHealthDefense + co-counsel in #Monsanto #Roundup litigation.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is founder + chairman of + + co-counsel in litigation.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders      

Christian. Wife. Mom. Fmr Press Sec for @realdonaldtrump. @foxnews contributor. Arkansan. New York Times bestseller author of “Speaking for Myself” ⬇️

Walter Shaub  

former Director of personal account - views my own Tweets are *not* legal advice. p.s. Wash your hands.

Cristina Cifuentes      

Abogada/ Lawyer Expresidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid y exdelegada del Gobierno🇪🇸 📩 🌍 Malasaña, Madrid, Spain

Abogada. Expresidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, España. 🇪🇸

Sherrod Brown      

Office of United States Senator Sherrod Brown. Proud to serve Ohio. Tweets from Sherrod signed -SB.

Mike Pompeo    

70th U.S. Secretary of @StateDept, working alongside the world’s finest diplomatic corps. Husband, father, Army veteran, and proud Kansan.

Personal account. Currently serving as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State. For official updates, see . Christian, husband, father & proud American 🇺🇸

Alexander Stubb  

Former Prime-, Finance- & Foreign Minister of Finland. Former MEP and VP . Chair . Board . Bookworm. Optimist. PhD LSE. Sub-9.30 IM.

George Galloway    

Straight talking, straight forward. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Email⠀⠀⠀⠀

Jay Inslee        

Governor of Washington state.

Governor of Washington. Tweets on innovation, jobs, education, clean energy & my grandkids. Building a WA that works for everyone.

Bill de Blasio      

Fighting every day to make our City better and fairer. Official account of the 109th Mayor of NYC.

Mayor of New York City. Fighting for working people no matter how much you make or where you live. He/him.

Gary Johnson  

Official Twitter of Governor Gary Johnson, founder of , former two-term Governor of New Mexico, and former Presidential nominee of .

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau  

Militante pour l’égalité des sexes, conférencière, mère de 3 enfants. Mariée au PM. • Gender equality activist, speaker & mom of 3. Wife of the PM.

Jagmeet Singh  

Pronounced Jug(like hug)-MEET! | Leader of Canada's New Democratic Party | Le chef du NPD du Canada

Hannah Yeoh  

Member of Parliament for Segambut. Former Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly (2013-2018) Former State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya (2008-2018)

Laura Bush  

Former teacher, librarian and First Lady of the United States

Anders Fogh Rasmussen      

CEO of Rasmussen Global; founder of the Alliance of Democracies ( Former NATO Secretary General & 🇩🇰 Prime Minister

CEO of . Founder of . NATO SecGen (2009-14) and PM of 🇩🇰 (2001-2009) Instagram

John Cornyn  

Mainly news I find interesting, pics, and opinions. Honored to represent the great state of Texas in the US Senate. RTs =/= endorsements

Richard Grenell    

I wonder what Lola will want to do today

I’m stronger after cancer. my dog runs my life. imperfect follower of Christ.

Andrew Scheer        

Leader of Canada's Conservatives | Chef des conservateurs du Canada

Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition | Chef des conservateurs du Canada et chef de l’Opposition officielle

DeAnna Lorraine          

Congressional Candidate vs Nancy Pelosi🇺🇸🌟Republican🎙➡️FOLLOW my Campaign & Donate for all the action!👇🏽 @Deanna4Congress

🌟Fmr Congressional Candidate vs Nancy Pelosi (CA-12🇺🇸Republican/Author ➡️Join me in the fight SUBSCRIBE 🎥

Kathleen Wynne      

Run, don't walk.

MPP Don Valley West

Tom Cotton        

U.S. Senator proudly serving the state of Arkansas.

Anna Soubry  

Former MP, Govt Minister, Criminal barrister, TV presenter and reporter. Media enquiries to

Mark Esper      

Dr. Mark T. Esper, 27th Secretary of Defense. 🇺🇸

27th SECDEF to the . Proud husband, father, and Gulf War veteran.

Angela Rayner  

Proud Labour MP for Ashton, Droylsden and Failsworth. I am standing to be the next Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party. Email:

Marsha Blackburn  

I am honored to serve the people of Tennessee.

John Hickenlooper      

Former Governor of Colorado & Mayor of Denver. Dad. Husband. Craft brewer and occasional banjo player. Running for U.S. Senate in Colorado

Brewer, scientist, small biz owner, former Mayor and Governor. Husband. Dad. Occasional banjo player. He/Him/His. Running for U.S. Senate. Join our team ⬇️

Chuck Schumer      

New York's Senator

Campaign account for Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY Fighting hard for the middle class - father, husband, Giants & Yankees fan

Daniel Hannan  

Old Whig.

Jesse Ventura    

38th Governor of Minnesota & host of The World According to Jesse on RT America. Latest book:

Margot Wallström    

Inlägg av Margot Wallström taggas -mw. Alla inlägg är godkända av Margot Wallström innan publicering.

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Rahm Emanuel      

This is the personal account of Chicago's 55th Mayor. Views shared are personal opinions. Follow for an archive of City Hall updates.

Andrew Adonis  

Labour peer, Vice Chair of European Movement. Ex-Transport Secretary & Schools Minister. 📖 ‘Saving Britain.’ Forthcoming: ‘Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill’

Lori Lightfoot      

56th Mayor of Chicago. Bears fan, mom, and fighter for equity and inclusion for Chicagoans in every ward.

Sadiq Khan        

Link in bio contains latest Covid-19 info. Mayor of London

Avigdor Lieberman  

Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman, יו"ר ישראל ביתנו

John Kennedy    

The official Twitter page for U.S. Senator John N. Kennedy (R-La.)

Kirstjen M. Nielsen  

Archived account of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the Sixth Secretary of

Jo Jorgensen      

Libertarian Candidate for President 2020 Senior lecturer at Clemson University, Mother, Grandmother. Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity for All

Maxime Bernier        

Chef du / Leader of the

Nina Turner    

Official Instagram account of NinaTurner, Fmr State Senator, Ohio's 25th District, Bernie2020 National Co-Chair, hell-raising humanitarian

Toomas Hendrik Ilves  

look at my homepage

Ralph Nader  

The official Twitter page of consumer advocate, author and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. (Tweets by Nader staff unless designated with -R)

MJ Hegar  

Veteran, working mom, Texan. Running for U.S. Senate. We are Texas, and we’re in this together. Join our team ⬇️

Debbie Dingel    

Proudly serving Michigan's 12th Congressional District

Proudly serving the people of Michigan's 12th Congressional District.

Richard Burgon  

Labour MP for East Leeds. Shadow Justice Secretary. Leeds born and bred. Socialist. LUFC supporter. Music enthusiast.

Michael Ignatieff    

Rector and President ,Central European University ( CEU/ KEE ) Budapest ,Hungary . Former Leader of of Canada.

Dawn Butler  

MP for Brent Central ✉ - Deputy Leader Candidate - Join my campaign and . 👇🏾

Brune Poirson  

Secrétaire d'État auprès de la ministre de la Transition écologique et solidaire. Vice-présidente de l’Assemblée de l’ONU Environnement

Steve Baker  

Steve Baker is the Conservative MP for Wycombe.

Keisha Lance Bottoms  

60th Mayor of Atlanta | Wife & Mommie

James Cleverly  

MP for the Braintree Constituency. Minister in Foreign Office & Dept for International Development with lots of stamps in his passport.

Johnny Mercer  

Father of two; husband of 1. Believer in change; Follow if you think Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View

David Gokhshtein  

Republican Candidate for House | Member & Contributing Writer Finance Council.

Petteri Orpo  

MP and Leader of . Former Minister of Finance, Interior and Agriculture. Co-Founder of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action.

Brock Pierce  

Conscious capitalist, purpose driven, working to positively impact the lives of a billion people (RT/Fav/Follow are not endorsements).

Jimmy Carter    

Operated by the National Archives and Records Administration, the Carter Presidential Library and Museum documents the presidency of Jimmy Carter

Juhana Vartiainen  

Ph.D (economics), Helsinki. Swedish&Finnish citizen, MP (Finland), National Coalition Party. A strong market economy and a strong welfare state need each other.

Tim Ryan      

Proudly serving the people of Ohio's 13th Congressional District.

Family man | Rep for Ohio’s 13th | Dayton Tragedy Fund

Abebe Abebayehu  

Commissioner, Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC). . Tweets are personal !

Michael Bennet  

Running to be your next president to build opportunity for the next generation. Current Senator, former school superintendent. Two N’s, one T.

Tracy Brabin  

Labour and Co-operative MP for Batley & Spen and Shadow Secretary of State for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Linda McMahon    

This account has been archived. Linda McMahon served as the 25th Administrator of @SBAgov, advocating for America's small businesses and entrepreneurs

This account has been archived. Linda McMahon served as the 25th Administrator of , advocating for America's small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Shaun Bailey  

Candidate for | London Assembly Member | Hon Col Cadets for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers | Conservatives | 📸

Pat Buchanan  

Official Twitter for Patrick J. Buchanan -

Marcia Fudge      

I work on behalf of the people of the 11th District to create jobs, promote quality education, improve access to health care and protect civil rights for all.

Annika Strandhll  

Socialdemokrat, feminist. Stolt mamma till två fantastiska döttrar och extra till bonusgrabben.

Tom Tugendhat  

Father, Army veteran, optimist, MP. Campaigner for Kent, for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling. أبو آدم

Gwen Moore  

Honored to represent Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. Proud mother, grandmother & great-grandmother. Loves poetry reading, knitting & crocheting.

Johansson Morgan  

Justitie- och migrationsminister. Socialdemokrat.

Elina Lepomaki  

Member of Parliament | Chair | Economy, tech, security and human rights. Tries to walk the talk.

Rick Tyler  

Conservative | Speaker | MSNBC Political Analyst | Actor | Leadership Institute Trainer | Foundry Strategies Partner

Kate Osamor  

Labour & Co-op MP for Edmonton | constituents can contact me on:| Call: 0208 803 0574

Rebecca Long-Bailey  

"Frank became frustrated with his colleagues... who seemed to be at once contented and dissatisfied with their role in the world." ~ Tony Benn

Alex Deane  

Tory. Consultant. Suffolk born & bred. Recovering lawyer. Sometimes on Sky. Pro

Ardalan Shekarabi  

Sveriges socialförsäkringsminister, Socialdemokrat🌹Jag ansvarar själv för kontot. Kontakta för frågor om statsrådsuppdraget.

Charlie Angus    

6 time elected MP for Timmins-James Bay, Singer with Grievous Angels. Author, Député, Musicien et Auteur.

Jakub Janda  

Executive Director of Prague-based Center for Security Policy Countering hostile Russian & Chinese influence ops Proud Czech Army Reservist

Ylva Johansson  

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs

Erin O'Toole        

Husband, father, Leader of the Official Opposition @CPC_HQ, MP for Durham / Mari, père, chef de l’Opposition officielle @PCC_HQ, député de Durham 🇨🇦

David C. Bannerman  

Former Cons MEP for East of England. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’ U.K./EU Free Trade Agreement Ex Co-chair Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

Lobsang Sangay      

President of the Central Tibetan Administration and the political successor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Sikyong - President of the Central Tibetan Administration and political successor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet

Lucy Allan  

MP for Telford 01952 290 039 Telford’s voice

Buffy Wicks  

Democratic CA State Assemblywoman from the beautiful East Bay! Alum of , mom of , wife of

Mark Meadows        

White House Chief of Staff for @realdonaldtrump. Former Congressman for NC-11. Twitter: @MarkMeadows. Personal account.

David Kurten  

Brexit Alliance London Assembly Member, Brexiteer 🇬🇧, writer, speaker, Christian ✝️, social conservative💍, pro-Trump, pro-life, anti-woke

Tommy Hicks  

Co-chair | Husband, father of 3

Daniel Kawczynski  

Conservative Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury

Stephen Canning  

27 | Comms for UK Health Charity | Cllr | “Not yet fat and wheezy” ~ Metro “student of dark arts” ~ Mail On Sunday |

Andy Wigmore  

Bad Boy of Brexit, former diplomat for Belize 🇧🇿 Comms Director for

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez  

Fighting for a Texas for all of us. Luchando para un Texas pa’ todos. Former US Senate Candidate. Founder y la mamá de Santi

Mark Begich  

United States Senator from Alaska. Retweets, replies & follows ≠ endorsement

Ben Bradley  

Member of Parliament for Mansfield. The first blue brick in the red wall 💙 Cannot take casework via Twitter, please email

Dave Brat  

Thank you for visiting my campaign Twitter page. If your intention was to visit my official House of Representatives Twitter page, please follow .

Betsy DeVos      

11th U.S. Secretary of Education. Grateful mother, grandmother and wife. Lifelong advocate for children and better schools.

Don Davies  

Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway, NDP Health Critic, lawyer, reader, fiddler, hockey nut

Simon Clarke  

MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland. Minister of State at Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Janis Irwin        

Your MLGay 🙋‍♂️ She/Her • Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood • Treaty 6

Mercedes Schlapp    

Mom of 5 girls and 2 labs. Wife of Matt Schlapp

Simon Hoare  

MP for North Dorset. Chairman, Northern Ireland Select Committe. For policy issues or book an appointment at an Advice Surgery e:

Amber Mariano (politician)    

Youngest person ever elected to the FL House 🇺🇸 Representing Florida’s 36th District. Graduate Student. Proud to be an American.

Youngest person ever elected to the FL House 🇺🇸 Always reppin’ HD 36 & UCF.

William Wragg  

Member of Parliament for the Hazel Grove constituency. For advice & queries please email or telephone 0161 427 0660

Andrew Bowie  

Member of Parliament for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine & Vice Chair of the Conservative Party. Email me at

Rachel Maclean  

MP for Redditch. Transport Minister. Please send casework to Please be polite and civil on Twitter.

Richard Blumenthal  

Sworn in on January 5, 2011, Richard Blumenthal is serving his second term as Senior US Senator from the great state of Connecticut.

Jim Flaherty  

Canada's Finance Minister. Suivez-moi en français à

Kim Foxx  

Kim Foxx is fighting for fairness in our justice system and safety for our families. Tweets from Kim and her team. Official campaign account.

Kevin Howery  

Co-founder and Partner, Founders Fund; Co-founder, PayPal

Carolyn Maloney  

Representing #NewYork's 12th Congressional District - #Manhattan, #Brooklyn & #Queens She/her/hers

Colleen Hanabusa  

Former U.S. Representative and Hawaii State Senate President running for Honolulu Mayor in 2020. Waiʻanae roots, UH alum, Attorney, Frannie and Liʻi’s mom.

Lloyd Doggett  

Representing communities from San Antonio to Austin. Chairman of the Health Subcommittee on the House Ways & Means Committee. @statesman op-ed ↓

Marcy Kaptur      

Honored to serve the working people of Ohio's 9th District from Toledo to Cleveland & the Great Lake communities between them.

Democratic Congresswoman from Ohio, senior woman in house - worked hard for 30 years bringing real results, fighting for veterans, seniors, working families.

Eugene Scalia    

28th Secretary of .

Joyce Beatty      

Representing Ohio's Third Congressional District. Native Ohioan, lifelong Democrat, and proud grandmother. Fighting for the people of Central Ohio.

Penny Pritzker  

38th US Commerce Secretary (). Business builder. Entrepreneur. Optimist. Proud mom and wife. Triathlete.

Henry Kissinger  

Former National Security Advisor

Danielle Skidmore    

Parent, TRANSportation engineer, + advocate and 24-year resident, former candidate for District 9 of Austin City Council!

Jack Straw  

Labour MP for Blackburn.. Give me some cash and I'll sort you out. Parodia Spucatum tauri

Brianna Wu  

You’re probably looking for . Personal account for Brianna Wu. Cars, games, Apple and other topics not considered Congressional.

Jim Risch  

James Elroy Risch is an American Republican politician, , and attorney from Ada County, Idaho, currently serving as United States Senator from Idaho.

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