Russell Brand    

Under The Skin Podcast is now on ! Sign up for free below!

Bill Maher    

The Official Bill Maher Twitter

Rachel Maddow      

I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

Sean Hannity    

TV Host Fox News Channel 9 PM EST. Nationally Syndicated Radio Host 3-6 PM EST. Retweets, Follows NOT endorsements! Due to hackings, no DM’s!

Ben Shapiro        

Host of The Ben Shapiro Show Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Wire @realdailywire Facts don't care about your feelings, gang.

EIC , host of "The Ben Shapiro Show” podcast and syndicated radio, author of #1 NYT bestseller "The Right Side of History," NRO

Tomi Lahren    

@foxnation Host. Faith. Freedom. Final Thoughts.

Fox Nation Host. Faith. Family. Freedom. Final Thoughts.

Michelle Malkin        

Work. Play. Love. Pray. Repeat. Harder. #colorado #caffeine #piano #boss

Little brown woman. Big mouth. Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. Geek.

Jake Tapper  

CNN Anchor of and and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of the NYT best-selling novel and non fiction

Candace Owens  

My book BLACKOUT is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and more!

Steven Crowder        

Disciple, husband, man, American, comedian. In that order.

for all you need to know. Join .

Neil Farage        

➡️ Leader of @brexitpartyuk.

Leader of .

Sam Harris    

is an author, neuroscientist, and host of the Making Sense podcast.

Author of The End of Faith, The Moral Landscape, Waking Up, and other bestselling books published in over 20 languages. Host of the Making Sense podcast.

Stephan Harper  

Official Twitter account for Canada's 22nd Prime Minister. | Compte Twitter officiel du 22e Premier ministre du Canada

Glenn Beck      

question with boldness - to find the truth - not to prove your point. reconciliation, humility, curiosity, courage, integrity, forgiveness b4 AGI eats us all.

Keith Olbermann    

Dogs. Sports. Thurber. And whales (Jumbo-Grumbo on BoJack). ESPN Senior Studio Anchor (1989). MLB PxP, PTI, SC. Co-Anchor, MNF SportsCenter 4 PM Mondays.

Yanis Varoufakis    

Economics professor, quietly writing obscure economic texts for years, until thrust onto the public scene by Europe's inane handling of an inevitable crisis

Dave Rubin        

“Don’t Burn This Book” now available for pre-order. Link in bio!

Twitter is not real life.

Lauren Southern        

Watch Borderless in link below & Pre-order DVDs from the video description! ✈️⛴🗺

Best Selling Author. Filmmaker. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom. Retweets ≠ endorsement.

Gabby Logan  

Still here. For professional enquiries please contact Holly Bott at James Grant 0208 742 4950.

Corey Lewandowski  

TV Commentator, Campaign Manager Donald J. Trump for President 2016, 2X NYTimes Best Selling Author. Potential US Senate candidate in NH

Carole Cadwalladr  

Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer.

Jonah Goldberg  

Dog guy, podcaster, Fellow , LAT/syndicated columnist. Former Sr. Ed. Sign up for G-File here

John Heilemann    

@TheRecount EIC; @SHO_TheCircus host/ep; @msnbc national affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident, LA native, Great Dane valet.

EIC; SHO_TheCircus host/ep; natl affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident LA native Great Dane valet. Wu Tang? Yup. 👐

Mark Halperin  

EIC; SHO_TheCircus host/ep; natl affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident LA native Great Dane valet. Wu Tang? Yup. 👐

David Icke  

Official Twitter of ground breaking Author & Public Speaker, David Icke. Watch David's Brand New Film 'Renegade' Here -

Douglas Murray  

Bestselling author of five books, including 'The Madness of Crowds' and 'The Strange Death of Europe'. Associate Editor @ The Spectator

Andrew Klavan    

Author, screenwriter, essayist. Nominated for Edgar Award 5 times, won twice. Host of "The Andrew Klavan Show" at the

Helen Lewis  

Staff Writer, | 27 Feb 2020: DIFFICULT WOMEN: A History Of Feminism in 11 Fights (Jonathan Cape)

Tony Robinson  

Actor, writer, presenter.Ardent Remain supporter. Bristol City FC. Husband. Dad. Grandad. No cunning plan.

Owen Benjamin        

“Owen is an American comedian. He has been criticized for making intentionally offensive statements and expressing antisemitic and anti-LGBT views.”

Official account for Owen Benjamin's latest news & updates.

David Gasun  

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.'' Matthew 7:7 All messages are sent and answered by me

Hunter Avallone    

• The guy you love to hate. American YouTuber 🇺🇲 • Over 600,000 toucansexuals

Arthur C. Brooks      

Professor of Practice @harvardkennedyschool, Senior Fellow @harvardhbs. @washingtonpost columnist. Author of #LoveYourEnemies. Formerly @aei.

Prof. of Practice , Arthur C. Patterson Faculty Fellow , columnist , Pres. 2009-2019, former French hornist.

Kelly Lieberman  

🙌Thank you to everyone who helps support my research. I appreciate all of you🤗

Jackie Alemany  

Power Up author. alum. fellow. Washed up . | DM for signal | subscribe 👇🏽⚡️

Carl Benjamin      

English liberal. Youtube:

Alicia Mendez  

Co-host . Contributing Editor . Creator podcast. My first book, The Likeability Trap, is available for pre-order! 👇🏼

David Brock  

Author. Activist. Fighting Back. Founder & Chairman and . Opinions are my own.

Andy Wigmore  

Bad Boy of Brexit, former diplomat for Belize 🇧🇿 Comms Director for

Armstrong Williams      

Political Pundit, Entrepreneur, Columnist, TV host of the #ArmstrongWilliams Show on WJLA 24/7 News, 10:30 - 11:30 AM EST, on Saturday’s.

Political Pundit, Entrepreneur, Columnist, TV host of the Show on WJLA 24/7 News, 10:30 - 11:30 AM EST, on Saturday’s.

Elizabeth McCauley  

Luckiest wife & mommy, tech, political junkie

Marina Portnaya  

Retweets don't = endorsements. No Facebook. Joined in 2012 not 2010. NYC ➡️ Miami ➡️ NYC

David Bahnsen  

Managing Partner, Founder of . I breathe the market. Author of . Guest. Contributor to and

Matthew Rothschild  

Matthew Rothschild is the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

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