Anderson Cooper  

tweets by Anderson Cooper. Anchor and correspondent on . Author of NYTimes Best Seller - The Rainbow Comes And Goes

Michael Wilbon    

Co-Host of Pardon the Interruption (@pti), ABC/@nbaonespn analyst and Columnist.

Co-Host of Pardon the Interruption/, / analyst and Columnist.

Erin Andrews  

TEXT ME: +1 (310) 564-2573 🏈 💃

Ezra Klein  

Founder and editor-at-large, . "Why We're Polarized," coming January: Podcasts:

Jake Tapper  

CNN Anchor of and and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of the NYT best-selling novel and non fiction

Louis Theroux  

I am involved in the making of documentaries. Warning: Some tweets may contain irony.

Sharon Fonseca  

@bysharonfonseca Be light on earth 💖 💌

Rachel Nichols    

Host of The Jump on ESPN, weekdays 3p ET. I’m the only one of me - baby that’s the fun of me.

Host of 's The Jump, weekdays 3p ET/12p PT. I’m the only one of me, baby that’s the fun of me.

Ariel Helwani    

ESPN journalist / Shows: Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Ariel & The Bad Guy, DC & Helwani, The People’s MMA Show, ESPNMMA Snap Show / Proud father of 3/ 🇨🇦

Journalist for / Shows: Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Ariel & The Bad Guy, DC & Helwani, The People’s MMA Show, ESPN MMA Snap Show / Proud father of 3/ 🇨🇦.

Glenn Greenwald    

Journalist ; author, No Place to Hide; animal fanatic; HOPE (); vegan; IG: Glenn.11.Greenwald

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon    

I'm either optimistic or delusional. It depends on your point of view. 👸🏻💄♓️ Social media agent:

The *crying girl* from The Bachelor 19/ BIP ♥ I have too much emotion to ever be brief. ♥Pisces ♥Tacos ♥Crop Tops ♥Boy Bands ♥Instagram: ashley_iaconetti

Kara Swisher  

Sparkly vampire. Subscribe to Recode Decode podcast:

Maggie Haberman  

White House correspondent for NYTimes, analyst for CNN. RTs don't imply agreement.

Susanna Reid    

Journalist. Presenter.

Presenter, journalist, columnist. “Liberal snowflake TV clothes horse” Honorary Patron

Sara A. Carter  

Contributor, award winning correspondent. Host, The Sara Carter Show Podcast. Taking back the story. Instagram: ScarterDC, Facebook Sara A. Carter

Soledad O'Brien  

boss lady

Paul Joseph Watson  

"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.....”Free speech extremist.” The Mirror.

Tom Fitton    

President of @JudicialWatch @TomFitton #Fitton #JudicialWatch Latest Updates:

President, Judicial Watch. (These are my personal views only!) Author, New York Times best seller Clean House.

Ronan Farrow  

Investigative reporter | | | Tips to | Fmr undiplomatic diplomat | Bad lawyer | CATCH AND KILL is out now, buy here:

Walt Mossberg  

Board, News Literacy Project. Former columnist, WSJ. Co-founder: AllThingsD, Recode, D & Code Conferences, Ctrl-Walt-Delete. Former Exec Editor, The Verge.

Andrew Ross Sorkin  

Columnist/Editor & Co-Anchor. Author, Too Big To Fail. Founder, . Co-Creator, BILLIONS . Co-Chair 's BLC. Proud Dad.

Dave Rubin        

“Don’t Burn This Book” now available for pre-order. Link in bio!

Twitter is not real life.

Chuck Palahniuk      

Official Instagram of Chuck Palahniuk. New book, THE INVENTION OF SOUND, now out.

This is Chuck’s official Twitter. It is managed/authored by the webmaster of his official site. New novel ADJUSTMENT DAY in stores now. CONSIDER THIS out Jan 7.

Naomi Klein  

The Shock Doctrine. This Changes Everything. No Is Not Enough. Now... On 🔥. Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies at Rutgers U

Mike Cernovich  

Filmmaker (Hoaxed), Author (Gorilla Mindset), Journalist (broken too many stories to count), all around nice guy.

Lauren Southern        

Watch Borderless in link below & Pre-order DVDs from the video description! ✈️⛴🗺

Best Selling Author. Filmmaker. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom. Retweets ≠ endorsement.

Yashar Ali  

New York Magazine/HuffPost Contributor Email: Direct Messages Open Text/Call/Signal/Confide/WhatsApp: 310-795-2497. Agents: UTA

Tim Pool        

Traveling the world, meeting people, learning, and often getting shot at. Award winning journalist and technologist.

Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion

Molly Jong-Fast    

Tucker Carlson called me “not super smart.” Editor at large @thedailybeast

Editor at large .

Marina Mogilko        

⠀ co-founder:@linguatriprussian & @linguatrip_ , ⠀ 2.5M on YouTube ⠀ Russian in 🇺🇸 ⠀ My businesses, books and courses: ⠀

founder at , , YouTube blogger (1M+ followers)

Kay Burley  

Sky News founder member. Journalist. Animal lover. Proud mum. Mountain climber. More live TV than anyone else. Enquiries:

Ann Handley  

Head of Content at MarketingProfs, a marketing education & training company with a practical approach. Speaker. WSJ bestselling author of 2 books. Say hi! 👋🏻

Carole Cadwalladr  

Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer.

Nigel Slater  

🇪🇺A cook who writes. Observer columnist. TVpresenter. Books:Tender, Toast, Kitchen Diaries, Christmas Chronicles, GreenFeast

Byron York  

Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor, author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Cory Doctorow  

Writer, activist. If you want a reply, use email. 0BC4 700A 06E2 072D 3A77 F8E2 9026 DBBE 1FC2 37AF

Matt Taibbi  


Jennifer Rubin  

Conservative opinion writer at , MSNBC contributor. “If right doesn’t matter, we are lost.”

Monica Bertini      

Giornalista professionista Twitter: @monicabertini1

Instagram: monybertini - Facebook: Monica Bertini Nelle mie parole ciò che penso, nei miei silenzi ciò che sento

Andy Ngo  

Editor-at-large - . Help bring the violent antifa members that beat & robbed me to justice:

Abby Martin        

boom boom boom a lemme hear you say wayo wayooo

Journalist, Creator , Pod , Accused by US govt of “fomenting radical discontent” for covering the news

John Heilemann    

@TheRecount EIC; @SHO_TheCircus host/ep; @msnbc national affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident, LA native, Great Dane valet.

EIC; SHO_TheCircus host/ep; natl affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident LA native Great Dane valet. Wu Tang? Yup. 👐

Bill McKibben  

Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of Opinions emphatically my own

Jason Whitlock  

Co-host of on FS1. Speak For Yourself Podcast

Mark Halperin  

EIC; SHO_TheCircus host/ep; natl affairs analyst; Game Change/Double Down coauthor; NYC resident LA native Great Dane valet. Wu Tang? Yup. 👐

Nik Ritchie    

NR legal case citation: 755 F.3d 398 (6th Cir. 2014) = My legacy of saving the Internet. You’re welcome. 🙏🏽

Jared Carrabis  

Unbiased National Baseball Journalist. . Podcaster . CCK . Lover of good, clean baseball. Stay hot, Rocket.

Nick Bilton  

Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair. Author of New York Times-bestsellers, "AMERICAN KINGPIN" & "HATCHING TWITTER." Host of "Inside the Hive" podcast.

Jim Sterling    

He/Him. Pansexual mess. Pro wrestling supervillain as seen at Pro Wrestling Ego, ProSouth Wrestling, RYSE Wrestling. Thank God for me.

Jane Mayer  

Staff writer at the | Author of Dark Money | Twitter neophyte

Julia Ioffe  

Correspondent, . Working on a book. speaker. All views my own. Retweets not endorsements. Void where prohibited.

Alex Wagner  

Co-host/EP + CBS News special correspondent + Contributing Editor + author of "Futureface" on

Becky Quick    

Wife & mom. Co-host of CNBC's Squawk Box from 6-9 am Eastern. Former WSJ reporter & Fortune columnist. Rutgers grad.

Ashley Salazar        

Founder, Editor in Chief MOLL Magazine | Actress USAF Veteran | Photojournalist @ashleysmediastl |

🇺🇸 Actress | Founder Supporter Kindness is free

Rosemary Barton  

CBC journalist. Chief Political Correspondent. Freckled. Loves all the politics. Heavy on the coffee and the high heels.

Karley Sciortino  

Author of Vogue's Breathless column, host & EP of Slutever on @Viceland, co-writer @nowapocalypse ❤️💦

Douglas Murray  

Bestselling author of five books, including 'The Madness of Crowds' and 'The Strange Death of Europe'. Associate Editor @ The Spectator

Pedro Richardson        

✈️ TRAVEL | HOTELS 🏨| ADVENTURE 🏔 110 countries 🌍| Polyglot 💬 On a quest to visit every country in the world by 2021. 📩:

Former hotel revenue manager, frequent traveller & polyglot. 109 countries & counting.

Raisa Simplicio    

Jornalismo, esportes, marketing, viagens, entretenimento e conteúdo 🇧🇷⚽️🌏📺🎥 @brasilglobaltour

Editora e repórter Brasil Global Tour - and - Instagram

David French  

Senior Editor (subscribe here: ), Time columnist, Iraq vet, married to . “A real problem” Rush Limbaugh.

Graham Hancock    

Author of 'The Sign and the Seal', 'Fingerprints of the Gods','Supernatural' and 'Entangled'. My latest book, 'MAGICIANS OF THE GODS' @

Kate Waterhouse      

JOURNALIST • MUMMA Founder & Director, Fashion & lifestyle writer Reporter @7horseracing Ambassador @lexusaustralia @amexau

Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist | Mumma | Founder & Director, | Instagram/Pinterest: KateWaterhouse7 | Facebook: Official.Kate.Waterhouse

Danni Levy    

Published Glamour Model & Babestation daytime TV Honey BABECALL.TV💋 On tv Monday mornings on @babestationtv 5 30am till 2pm

Editor-in-chief: Muscle & Fitness UK, FLEX, Muscle & Fitness HERS UK 🇬🇧 Shop 25% off my cutting supps use DANNI25 ⬇️

David Faber  

Yes, I've been doing this a long time. No, I don't dye my hair.

Maria Bartiromo          

2-time Emmy winning journalist. Mornings w Maria @morningsmaria 6-9am M-F @foxbusiness @sundayfutures @foxnews 10am Sunday NY, NY *

Emily Chang      

Anchor & Executive Producer of Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0. Author of Brotopia.

Mom. Wife. Host of Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0. Author of Brotopia (Currently on maternity leave!)

Sharon Carpenter    

#TheRoyalReport @peopletv @HQTrivia @BBCAmerica @wendyshow 🎥 TV Journo/Host 📺 Producer 👻 shazcarpenter ❓ 👥 CAA: Carly Fromm

Brit with a New York attitude on Broadcast Journalist / Host / Producer / Entrepreneur

Mike Isaac  

NYT tech reporter. tell me stuff at or

Timothy O'Brien  

Senior Adviser to ’s 2020 presidential campaign: . Follow:

Michael Tracey  

Roving journalist, friend to all dogs


Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18. Series Editor of Young Turks, one of India's longest running shows that puts the spotlight on bright ideas & young entrepreneurs

Charlie Warzel  

writer-at-large for The New York Times Opinion page. I cover the information wars. DMs open.

Ben Norton  

Journalist, writer, filmmaker || Assistant editor of () || Producer/co-host of

Helen Lewis  

Staff Writer, | Author, DIFFICULT WOMEN: A History Of Feminism in 11 Fights | Tweets auto-destruct.

Emma Vigeland  

Rebel HQ () correspondent & producer. IG: . "Miserable NY sports fan" is my side gig. Systemic corruption gave us Trump.

Laura Shin  

Crypto journalist; Host of and . Sign up for my weekly newsletter! Nocoiner. Writing a book about crypto

Tom Keene  

bloomberg surveillance.

Victor Davis Hanson  

Senior Fellow . Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump:

John Boitnott    

Bylines: -Opinions My own. Bio and writing inquiries:

David Carroll  

associate professor of media design teaching and featured in oscars shortlisted on

Barney Ronay  

Guardian sports writer

Ben Swann      

Time to end the internet purge of dissenting voices! Do not be afraid to speak. "Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

Speaking Truth To Power! Afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted Insta:

Dallas Braden    

@Starting9 podcast with @barstoolsports Oakland A’s TV Analyst Broadcaster/Podcaster Your alter ego in the flesh A’s gear @

I've never regretted anything. Clearly could have done a few things different. Maybe next lifetime. Matters? NOT!

Mark Fidelman          

Speaks #Marketing as a second language.🏆 #Fitness fanatic 💪 Author of Socialized!

Cryptonized Podcast host: tips on YouTube

Rene Ritchie  

Apple and related technology and culture. News analysis and insight.

Melissa Chen    

NY Editor for + Managing Director of . Born in Singapore, I came to the US for an education but stayed for the civil liberties.

Will Black  

Anthro-journalist and author of Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End..

Andrew Doyle    

Writer and comedian. Good friend of . Enquiries to

Lauren Goode      

Senior Writer @WIRED. Lover of plot twists. Reading/writing/making videos/somewhere outdoors.

Senior Writer . Lover of plot twists. I play with tech stuff, just don't ask me to fix your printer., DMs open. 📸 .

Nina Teicholz  

Science journalist, author of The Big Fat Surprise, advocate for nutrition policy based on rigorous science, mom.

Eleonora Boi  


Brad Stone  

Bloomberg Technology. Businessweek. Author of The Upstarts and The Everything Store. Father of twins. Twin. Retweets are usually mistaken clicks

Jessica Lessin  

I am the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Information. Try us for $1!

Annie Lowrey  

Staff writer for , author of "Give People Money," new Californian. Say hi on

Scott Morrison  

Hockey commentator, features reporter, essays writer, author.

Sarah Castellana-Heurtaux      

Contact: @goldensabrepr Conduttrice Tv • 👶🏻 Kyle Gabriel @thomas_heurtaux75 🤵

Sport Journalist ⚽️

David Choe  

running from my problems and escaping into my dreams since 1976 -♥-dc 🖤🌈

Jared Holt  

investigative reporter + host + Contact/Disclaimer:

Sheila Gunn Reid  

Alberta's child, oil patch wife, agvocate. . I checked my privilege & it looks a lot like hard work & good choices.

Alex Wilhelm  

Journalist with . Co-host: Equity. 's partner. You rock!

Mitch Joel  

Founder @ Six Pixels Group. Investor. Author. Speaker. Decoder of the future. Books: Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete. Check out the blog/podcast...

C.J. Chivers  

job: . other job: author. life: housekeeper, cook, laundry man. fisher, wood cutter, quahogger, too. "for our struggle is not against flesh and blood.”

Guy Raz  

possibility peddler “Wisdom from the Top" on TEXT ME 202-410-1908 go

Allison Pearson  

Telegraph columnist, apprentice mother, words nut, author How Hard Can It Be? Follows anyone from Wales.

Erin Griffith  

New York Times writer covering start-ups and venture capital 📈💥 get my newsletter🦄

Danielle DiMartino Booth  

CEO & Chief Strategist, Quill Intelligence LLC , columnist, Fmr Federal Reserve insider, Author

Jerry Dunleavy  

Reporter — Faith Without Works Is Dead — The Dogma Lives Loudly — John 8:32 — AMDG — CLEVELAND — OHIO —

Vlad Savov  

editor. Opinions mine, not employer's. May contain traces of sarcasm. Tokyo photos at

Kara Scott    

Poker, Life, Food, Travel. Non-Compliant. Canadian/Brit Adventures in Slovenia. WSOP Anchor on ESPN. Ambassador @

Adrian Chen  

Writer. Working on a book.

Darya Rose  

Author of Foodist & creator of Summer Tomato, one of TIME's 50 Best Websites. Also a neuroscience Ph.D, PDX foodist, former dieter, & soulmate to .

Andy Greenberg  

Writer for WIRED. Author of SANDWORM: A new era of cyberwar and the hunt for the Kremlin's most dangerous hackers. Signal: +1 347-560-4260

Sam Biddle  

sam.biddle[at] / sambiddle[at] — Signal: +1 978 261 7389

Jackie Alemany  

reporter & Power Up anchor. DM for Signal or email me: /

Shira Ovide  

Starting a technology newsletter . Formers: tech columnist & reporter. More info on my new gig in the link.

Nellie Bowles  

Reporter for the New York Times on tech and culture. San Francisco born and raised. Always looking for stories. Email me anytime:

Julia Angwin  

Investigative journalist. Editor-in-Chief of . Formerly , . Author of Dragnet Nation.

Bridget Carey    

Geekery meets mommyhood. This is happening.

Tech reporter, geeking out . Starfleet student, Disney princess, Muppet dancer. As seen on TV.

John Paczkowski  

Tech & business editor, . or DMs (open).

Robert Benzie  

Queen's Park Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star

Alyssa Rosenberg  

Causing trouble . Across the Movie Aisle co-host . I've stolen a considerable number of books from the Citadel library. 's wife.

Ashlee Vance  

Author of best seller on Elon Musk - . Writer for Businessweek. Host of Hello World. Former scribe for NYT.


Author of best seller on Elon Musk - . Writer for Businessweek. Host of Hello World. Former scribe for NYT.

Masura Kusuo  

ジャーナリスト / メディアコンサルタント 朝日新聞記者からBuzzFeed Japan創刊編集長を経て独立し、メディアコラボ設立。「Journalism for better X」をみんなで。 他にONAJapanオーガナイザー、ファクトチェック・イニシアティブアドバイザーなど。仕事依頼はサイトへ。

Gillian Tett  

Chair FT Editorial Board (US) .. columnist, author, anthropologist.. and passionate skier.

Casey Holdahl  

Beat Reporter for the Portland Trail Blazers. Shoe size: 11. These tweets are my own. If you're going to complain about them, complain to me.

Holly Carpenter  


Stan Fischler  

Emmy Award-winning journalist. Lester Patrick Award Recipient. Covering the NHL, Islanders.

Samantha X  

⭐️ Bestselling author ⭐️Adult Industry ⭐️ Coach ⭐️ News columnist, radio host, media stuff! ⭐️

Amir Efrati  

Online. Reporting , ex-WSJ. Amir (at) theinformation (dot) com. DM for Signal. Tips:

Gianna Tobani  

Correspondent + Producer | VICE

Ben Mezrich      

I love a good story.

I am a writer. I wrote Bringing Down The House and Accidental Billionaires, which were made into the movies ‘21’ and ‘the social network’.

Kate Clark  

Writing about venture capital & startups | Tips to | Signal & Telegram: 415-409-9095

Mary Gamarra      

🌿Vida y Belleza Natural🌿 🎤 Journalist 🎥 TV Host 💑 Wife 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Mami 💃🏻 Happy soul #vidaybelleza Twitter: @marygamarra | Facebook: marygamarra

TV host for Comcast and the Telemundo Network, proud mami of Sebastian and Valentina and happy wife. :)

Thor Benson  

Writer. Featured in , , , and elsewhere. LGBTQ. Been writing about pandemics for years.

Nomi Prins  

Author, Speaker, Independent Thinker, Investigative Journalist | 📸 IG:

Anissa Naouai  

•CEO of Maffick• Founder of

Marcus Papadopoulos  

Editor of Politics First; expert on Russia/USSR and Serbia/Yugoslavia; PhD in Russian history; commentator on IR; historian; animal rights guardian; and vegan.


Meteorologist, extreme weather journalist, adventurer, 21 years documenting storms,

Catherine Austin Fitts  

Actionable intelligence for a free & inspired life!

Robert Parry  

Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995

Kate Conger  

I write about tech for & steward with . 🏳️‍🌈 Say hi: DM or

Jeff Varner    

Writer. Solo traveler. Complicated deep thinker viewing the world my own way. Seeker of better.

Accepting of all. Tolerant of most. Solo traveler. Realtor. Journalist. IG:iamvarner

Maria Finoshina    

Award-winning war reporter.Covered . Honored mom of my Little Miss Blessing.Biased against violence&injustice.Peace advocate

Ben Anderson  

Author, No Worse Enemy. Filmmaker, Battle for Marjah, This Is What Winning Looks Like. Senior Producer and Correspondent, VICE media Insta:

Miguel Helft  

Journo. Ex , , , . Ex-software engineer. Ex-mountain guide. Father of two; husband of one. Immigrant. Son of refugees.

Oliver Bullough  

Journalist, and author. My surname is pronounced "Bull-Oh".

Jim Byers      

Travel writer/blogger, digital influencer & speaker. Senior Editor at TravelPulse Canada. Contributor to , L.A. Times, AARP. Proud grad of UCLA.

Oksana Boyko  

Host of , a biweekly debate show on RT. Views are mine, not RT's, Putin's or Russia's

Emily Dreyfuss  

Writer. Editor. Gesticulator. Editorial Director Formerly

Ashlee Piper      

🌏 eco-lifestyle journalist + tv personality 🌱 making sustainable attainable for all 📗 bestselling author of #GiveAShit 📍 Chicago

TV personality & journalist covering sustainability. 📚 Author of Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet. Not-so-covert karaoke lover. 🎤

Peter Cowan  

Storyteller and bon vivant. Frequent tweeter. Drone flyer in my off hours. I take confidential news tips peter.cowan (at)

Allie Conti  

words in , , etc. formerly , .

Erin Elizabeth  

TV journalist, author, public speaker and owner top award-winning independent website, HNN. I spend my little spare time w Dr Mercola, my better half.

Eric Newcomer  

reporter at Bloomberg

Rolfe Winkler  

Covering tech for WSJ. rolfe dot winkler at wsj dot com. Signal for secure messages: 847-380-0751. Anonymous document share via

Stephanie Rosenbloom      

Travel writer for The New York Times @nytimestravel. Author @VikingBooks. “Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude.”

Travel writer . Author . Shutterbug. . Keeps calm; only carries on. ✈️ Travel with me on Instagram: StephanieRosenbloom.

Nathan Heller  

New Yorker staff writer, Vogue contributing editor, semi-pro eavesdropper, overcaffeinated earth child. Now writing THE PRIVATE ORDER for Penguin Press.

Poppy Popescu      

Travel Vlogger / Journalist / ✞=♡ 🎥 🏋🏼‍♀️FiTNESS PAGE @poppydoesfitness 🏖Bali Group Trip —> May 5-13, 2020

Silvana Carsetti  

LA ЯАGAZZА®️ Periodista Deportiva🎙 Comentarista de Boxeo 🥊 📺 Instagram:

Shannon Proudfoot  

Writer with Maclean's. Yes: old art, excellent beer, great writing, goalies hurrying. No: raisins, public stunt marriage proposals, camping. Religion: Gritty.

Thomas Goetz  

the first true inventor of CRISPR. (really) Author, entrepreneur. Now: chief of research . Columnist . Then: etc.

Evan Ratliff  

Journalist. Author of THE MASTERMIND (out now!). Cohost . Past: cofounder , .

Annie Jacobsen  

Bestselling author & Pulitzer Prize finalist, history: AREA 51; PAPERCLIP; PENTAGON'S BRAIN; PHENOMENA; SURPRISE, KILL, VANISH Also writes/prods JACK RYAN TV

Adam Satariano  

Europe tech correspondent. Have a good story idea, or want to share something sensitive/important? Please reach out. DM for Signal/WhatsApp/fax/etc.

Justin Rowlatt  

I’m the BBC’s Chief Environment correspondent. I report from the front line of climate change - how it’s going to affect our lives and what we can do about it.

Kavin Senapathy    

Writer/journo. Bylines here; there. Contrib editor . Fam business . Parenting, health, food, science. OCD. She/her

Layah Heilpern      

TV Journalist ▫️Fintech ▫️Politics ▫️Motivation TikTok & Twitter - @layahheilpern

TV Journalist: crypto, blockchain, politics, motivation | DM for enquiries | tiktok, telegram:

David Brancaccio  

Host of public radio's Marketplace Morning Report from American Public Media.

Danielle Ryan    

irish • writer • anti-imperialism • dog lover • coffee addict work: insta:

Paula Francis  

Loved broadcasting real in Fabulous Las for 30 years. Now, days are my own. (Still read the news, just not out loud.)

Twilight Greenaway  

Writing about people, power, & nature — mostly through the lens of food & farming. Contributing editor . Fan of democracy, complexity, & big questions


I write and I know stuff. He/Him. Email:

James Vincent  

senior reporter for , covering AI, robots, and more. writing a history of measurement for .

Tom O'Neill  

website: tom-oneill(dot)org

Jon Evans  

Novelist, journalist, columnist, former CTO , current director of the GitHub Archive Program. Photo credit .

Elizabeth Doerr  

Watch journalist, editor-in-chief of , author of '12 Faces of Time', contributor to ()

Jen Wieczner  

Senior writer : Wall Street, $$$, crypto. Editor . Ride bikes, do yoga, drink green juice. Vee-ETCH-ner.

Tom Giles  

Global Technology at Bloomberg. Tweets mine. DMs open.

Rosa Goldensohn  

reporter on leave right now. former DNAinfo, Crain’s, Politico. rosa.goldensohn@gmail RT=look at this, like might just mean save.

Kate Rooney  

Payments, fintech | Retired | Boston College | Northwestern Medill Mafia | Tips to or Twitter DM

Lauren Johnson  

Senior advertising reporter . Formerly . Signal/Confide: 720-261-0417

Kay Steiger  

Washington editor .

Dexter Thomas  

correspondent わくわく. 教育

Jenny Jo  

TV/Radio Host * MC * Creative Director @thehanboutiQ * Hanbok Stylist & Model *🎙Voice Actor * 국제행사 Int’l MC [🇺🇸 <-> 🇰🇷]

Justin Caffier    

Writing for VICE and other places where editorial is still a thing. Same handle for all my medias social.

unaccomplished writer for and others.

Iain Thomson  

British journo in SF . Security and space geek, F1 follower, Marmite addict, sailor. Not an emoji fan All views my own. On Signal, DMs open.

Elizabeth Denton  

Beauty/style writer and consultant ✏️ Words: @allure, @stylecaster, @cosmopolitan, @seventeen, and more. New Yorker in LA 🌴

Avani Dias  

Journalist and host 2020! Contact: DMs open + views and RTs are all mine

Bob Woodward      

Bob Woodward, associate editor of The Washington Post, has shared in two Pulitzer Prizes and authored or coauthored 18 national bestselling books.

Grace Ng  

AI Investor. Neuro-Artist. Entrepreneur. Designer. Developer. Founded & .

Abha Bhattarai  

National retail reporter for The Washington Post. Northwestern grad, Nepali-American, from Austin.

Dana Thomas    

Paris-based culture & fashion journalist. Author of “Deluxe,” a New York Times bestseller; “Gods and Kings”; and “Fashionopolis.”

Paris-based style writer (NYT, WSJ, Newsweek, WaPo, AD) & author of Fashionopolis; the NY Times Bestseller Deluxe; and Gods & Kings.

Tony Gosling  

Investigative journalist, ex-BBC, Digger, follower, exposer, historian, social justice editor CU here

Henrik Roonemaa  

Tech journalist. Tallinn, Estonia. Founder and publisher of, host of Digitund radio show.

Jacqueline Alemany    

@washingtonpost’s Power Up ⚡️s u b s c r i b e ⚡️

Nathan Vardi  

Forbes reporter

Sarah Wild (scientist)  

Science Journalist, Scribbler, Ranter, Question-asker, Note-taker, Tea-drinker, and (Occasional) Author. She/her.

Chloe Sorvino  

staff writer at Forbes covering food, drink and ag: entrepreneurs, 30 Under 30, ag tech, restaurants, wine and more


Culture reporter for and . My first book, Flat Exit, out via . Tips and abuse:

Whitney Tilson    

Value investor, newsletter writer (), ex-hedge fund manager, author, school & criminal justice reformer, adventure junkie & proud dad of 3 girls.

Katie Richards  

Senior reporter . Marathoner. Mostly dog content. alum.

Rachel Gilmore  

Web journalist [.ca]. Producer . Diet consists of pizza, pints and politics. Email: rachel[dot]gilmore[at]bellmedia[dot]ca

Johanna Gomez  

TV Host/journalist, and mama to Z's

Gary Weiss  

Investigative journalist & author of three books. Tweeting in the public interest (and my own amusement).

Mieke Buchan  

amateur anthropologist, lover of people, pop culture junkie, journo, adventurer, hugger, skipper, tv and radio doer, sports fan

Angela Brauer  

Emmy award winning journalist & weather anchor 🌥 Find me 📺 Wife 💍 Mom 👶🏼 Dog lover 🐾 fitness addict & coffee connoisseur. RT ≠ Endorsements.

Lewis Kingston    

Freelance motoring journalist with a penchant for straight-six engines and forced induction. Always on eBay or in the garage.

Laura Loomer  

Investigative journalist🇺🇸Former operative👌🏻Proud American Jew✡️Support my work: parody

Sarah Berry    

Yogiberry • @SydneyMorningHerald Lifestyle Health Editor • Byron Bay • Twitter: @sarzberry

Lifestyle Health Editor Instagram: Email:

Mick Brown  

Author and journalist

Magdalena Maggie Divina  

👻magdalenadivina 🇸🇪🇱🇧 Journalist - "Den gamla enkronan väger fortfarande 7 gram"

Jessica Finn  

Journalist DM’s are open

Sarah Sears  

Journalist & field producer for / . Covering

Zoltan Istvan Gyurko          

Spearheading the Transhumanist movement / Feature documentary IMMORTALITY OR BUST on my work now out!

Christine Giordano  

Journalist, writer & analyst of influencers, disruptors, trends and all things evolving. Retweets ≠ endorsements

Lauren Jade Hill    

Travel & luxury lifestyle journalist * Editor & content creator * British Guild of Travel Writers member *

Neil deMause      

Writer about things. Also, stuff. Author of and . "Surprisingly levelheaded" —Publishers Weekly

Tom Slee  

Mostly sharing economy (is that still a thing?) and other tech/society things. Work for SAP but tweets are my own.

Peter Costanzo  

Director of Programming & Media Partnerships at The Associated Press

Katrina Yu    

China correspondent for Al Jazeera English | Formerly | Instagram | Views my own

Michela Tindera  

Staff writer Tips:

Sam Briggs  

writer of sorts

Alejandra Salazar (radio)    

making radio • bilingüe, tejana orgullosa, she/her

Devon Delfino    

Writer of essays & other things (), feminist, 🏳️‍🌈 vegan (she/her). : 71k/100k. Bylines: , etc.

Alison Morrow        

USMC vet’s wife. Human, horse n’ pit bull mom. TV reporter who quit to renovate an Airstream and live off grid-ish. Where does your food come from?

Marieke Marshall  

Mom to a soul-saving Daughter & Daughter to The Leader of the Band. Lover of *the* corgi, my eccentric pals, quixotic exploits, and... abusing punctuation.

Christina Cooke  

Associate editor at . Journalist & freelance writer. Lover of people, place, adventure & travel. Aficionado of the offbeat & out-of-the-way.

Henry George  

Land, however, is not the fruit of anyone's labor, and our system of land tenure is based not on labor, but on decrees of privilege issued from the state

James Davenport  

features producer, car thief --------------------------- james at pc gamer dot com

Frank Connolly  

Debut novel A Conspiracy of Lies out now. Author of NAMA-Land and Tom Gilmartin: The Man Who Brought Down the Taoiseach

Jennifer Griffin        

Fox News National Security Correspondent - my Instagram account is private but please follow me on Twitter @jengriffinfnc

Jenna Wang  

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL | real estate and tech for , digital strategy for

Jonah Goldberg  

Zoe’s just making sure no one takes my old Twitter handle

Saila Safwana    

26, International Journalist based in Central London.

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