Vitalik Buterin  

See Not giving away ETH. For inquiries about me advising your ICO, please email:

Andreas Antonopoulos        

Bitcoin, open blockchains, security. entrepreneur, coder, atheist, pacifist, pilot. Author of: Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money, Mastering Ethereum.

Chris Coyier  

Co-founder . Does . Podcasts . Clawhammer. loldad.

Evan You  

Husband, father of two, creator of and connoisseur of sushi.

Stephanie Harvey        

I play #csgo and do all sorts of #esports things. Furmom of @lokypomsky =] @omenbyhp ambassador @dreamhackcanada spokesperson

i play csgo . main partners . ex dev & ex . rep

Taylor Otwell  

Husband to . Founder of Laravel. Space pilgrim.

Ray Wenderlich  

We create high quality programming tutorials:

Nicholas Zakas        

The tech ramblings of Nicholas C. Zakas (@nzakas) . 📚 Bestselling JavaScript books 🖥 Web programming tips 🤪 Coding humor 🦁 Code in the wild .

Human who codes. Creator of . Blog at . INFJ. Semicolons and tabs. Lyme disease, mold illness, and chronic fatigue.

Tobi Lütke    

CEO by day, Dad in the evening, hacker at night. - Rails Core alumni; Author of ActiveMerchant, Liquid. Comprehensivist

Phil Fish  


Matt Thompson  

Founder of and . Writer and developer living in Portland, Oregon.

Brad Traversy    

Traversy Media offers web development/programming/technology tutorials and courses

Scott Tolinski      

Web Developer | Creator of | Co-host of | Youtuber: | Robotops Crew Bboy clips:

Peter Steinberger  

Founder/CEO of . We build . Co-organizer . Speaker. I tweet about iOS hacks & running a remote company. Also,memes [he/him⚣]

Jonathan Simkin  

CEO . I love solving big problems, playing hockey, and laughing. Spring 2015. Engineering .

Don Dodge    

Start-up guy; Forte, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, Groove, Microsoft, Google

Erica Sadun  

geek girl and brood

Ole Begemann  

Co-author of Advanced Swift: . Unicode enthusiast.

Jonathan Abrams  

Entrepreneur and investor

Daniel Eden  

Design Systems Lead for Facebook’s Ads & Business products. Erstwhile Designer & Engineer at Dropbox.

Flavio Copes  

Hi I'm Flavio, an Italian Software Engineer. I create guides and courses for JavaScript programmers at 🧙🏽‍♂️

Ally Sparkles  

pornstar, grooby web dev, amateur musician, engineer outside of narnia, certified slut 💖 ✨2019 TEAs Nominee for Best New Face | Check out my music:

Taylor Tailleur  

Editorial Photographer / Web Dev SLC 📍

Dave Caplan  

Works at SolveBio and occasionally on .

Carrie Dils  

Rehabbing from a broken leg and arm. on the left side. I work with WordPress, dig craft beer, and will always stop to pet a dog. Tweets are not my own.

YK Sugishita    

YouTuber at 📽 Join our community at ! IG: 🖼 Coding FAQ 👉 Can't reply to every tweet, sorry

Holly Schinsky  

Developer Advocate for PhoneGap at Adobe. Passionate about mobile dev't.

Daniel Eggert  

Coding and Photography

Jared Forsyth  

follower of Christ. feminist. type theory, , , PLT Mobile dev member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he/him

Aman Mittal    

💻⚛️📱#nodejs + #reactnative developer ✏️Tech Blogger with 1M+ views at @amanhimself on Medium 🌏 Works Remotely ✉️I run a weekly newsletter for devs

👨‍💻 Fan of | Tech with 1M+ views at Medium | My weekly dev newsletter 👉

Nic Raboy      

Advocate of modern web and mobile development technologies. I write tutorials and speak at events to make app development easier to understand. I work .

Ben Evans    

Technologist, Writer, & Educator. Java Champion, Java / JVM track lead at InfoQ, bestselling tech author, speaker. Socialist, Anti-fascist. He/him.

Greg Schoen  

I guess I talk about crypto currency now, or something.

Nick Salloum      

trini 🇹🇹 in vancouver 🇨🇦 makin’ tings 🛠

Johnny Russo  

Passionate dreamer. Lead Ecom & Digital . Love: learning, listening, , , & hot weather.

Merunas Grincalaitis  

DAPP DEVELOPER Looking for projects, ICOs and anything related to Ethereum and blockchain. I don't sign NDAs

Andrew Chilton  

Co-Founder . GoLang, JavaScript, Arduino, Pi. Distributed tech & work. Runs and . Alumni of . Alias 'chilts', he/him.

Felix Kling  

JavaScript and web development enthusiast, former UIE @ FB

Kevin Lamping      

Front-end Engineer & Tester. I have an online course at and I do videos at

Marcelo Fabri  

iOS Developer , 🇧🇷. Sorry about the occasional tweets in Portuguese.

Alex Vazquez  

Co-Founder of . I like my line height like I like my coffee, with lots of room.

Bogdan Fiedur    

Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Tim Sabat  

founder at calls chown on all the things.

Matt Turnbull      

Makes websites and apps and stuff.

Kartik Thakore  

BioMedical, Data Scientist and Software engineer who loves building products.

Brianna Wu  

You’re probably looking for . Personal account for Brianna Wu. Cars, games, Apple and other topics not considered Congressional.

Mark Smith (web)    

Hockey Player, Musician, Developer.

Carrie Brown (realtor)  

LF Driscoll, the leading healthcare developer, wanna be pro golfer wanna be decent at brazilian jujitsu. God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers

Rane Ahonen    

Web developer and disc golfer.

Web developer from

Jim Semple      

Jeep nature, mountains, beach or sports and architecture I'm game!

Chris Kacerguis  

Chief Architect. Open source developer of REST Server. Docker expert. Tinkerer in all things Home Automation.

Raquel Hernandez  

Now you can find me at

Zoë Quinn  

The old handle for Zoë Quinn. The new one is

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