Soulja Boy      

@xttiona 💕🤞🏾 Stream “King Soulja 9” out now! CEO: @SbeezyLights @SODMG_Co @SODMGGamersOfficial Snap: souljaboysodmg Subscribe:

CEO of | Stream “Cut Dat Check” on iTunes/Spotify / Team: SODMG

William Shatner  

Philanthropist, Actor, Producer, Father, Husband, & Canadian! My Calendar: Not political-be warned! My charity:

Justin Sun    

📈 Founder of @tronfoundation, CEO of @bittorrent 💎 Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 🎓 The First Millennial Graduate of Hupan University Founded By Jack Ma

Chinese 丨1st Millennial Grad Hupan Uni by Jack Ma

John McAfee        

2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate. Founder of McAfee.

Not sure what I'm doing but something needs to be done.

Charlie Lee  

Creator of Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

Joel Comm  

Host Bad Crypto Podcast, Blockchain Evangelist, Author, Futurist, Eternal 12-year old - "I don't just see the future. I get there first."

Tai Lopez    

Investor. Philanthropist. Mensa Member. Read 1 book a day. 10 million view TedX. Watch 67 Steps That Took Me From Broke To Driving Lambo

Roger Ver  

World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups including , , , BitPay, Kraken, & interested in Voluntaryism

Andreas Antonopoulos        

Bitcoin & open blockchain Author: Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money 1 & 2, Mastering Ethereum. Now writing Mastering Lightning Network. He/Him.

Nouriel Roubini  

Stern School NYU Prof; Roubini Macro Associates CEO; CoFounder; Crisis Economics author; Time100, FT, FP, Forbes, Coindesk Most Influential Awards

Stefan Molyneux    

I run Freedomain, the most popular philosophy show in the world - over 650 million views!

Erik Voorhees  

Toward peace, markets, and Bitcoin. CEO of zero-commission self-custody crypto trading.

Anthony Pompliano        

Forget social media, I do dope stuff in real life. They call me Pomp

Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital. I write a daily letter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors:

Brian Armstrong  

Co-founder & CEO at Co-founder Building an open financial system for the world. Join us:

Brenna Sparks    

Twitter:brennasparksxxx Email : 📍LV 🇱🇦 Exclusive content 👇🏻👇🏻

professional cuddler. e-girl. kitty mama. 🇱🇦 email: 💌 ✉

Nick Szabo  

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer. (RT/Fav/Follow does not imply endorsement). Blog:

Michael Arrington  

Founder of TechCrunch, CrunchBase and Arrington XRP Capital. Be Excellent To Each Other.

Max Keiser  

📺 Started Buying Bitcoin at $1. Founder, . Inventor, Virtual Currencies & Prediction Markets

Whale Panda  

Angel Investor. Crypto OG. Toxic Monetary Bitcoin Maximalist. 25% of Magical Crypto Friends. Featured in .

Tyler Winklevoss  

Co-Founder & CEO • Principal of • Olympian • Follow me:

Tuur Demeester  

Economics, Philosophy, Psychology

Cameron Winklevoss    

Co-Founder of @gemini, @winklevosscap, Bitcoiner, Olympian, and 1/2 of the Winklevoss twins.

Cryptopunk • Olympian • Co-Founder • Principal • Follow me:

Tone Vays    

Derivatives Trader, Analyst & YouTube in , , & . Host of , , &

Adam Back  

cypherpunk, cryptographer, privacy/ecash, inventor hashcash (used in Bitcoin mining) PhD Comp Sci Co-Founder/CEO

Charlie Shrem      


pioneer, historian & host / Founder BitInstant & Bitcoin Foundation c.2011 / Treasurer of Lido Key HOA / Lover of Liberty

Gavin Andresen  

Channeling my inner germaphobic hermit for the next couple months.

Peter Todd  

Applied Cryptography Consultant (what the cool kids call 'blockchain tech') PGP: 0x7FAB114267E4FA04,


beyonder : miner : economic futurist : aspiring metagame winner : no financial advice

Mike Novogratz  

Galaxy Digital

Chris Burniske  

Partner working to level the playing field, co-author 📔, formerly led crypto . Find me in the water 🌊


Deep Crypto 2012-2020. ( loaded )Trade with the best exchange and no KYC 👇

Charles Hoskinson      

8830 AC64 17F2 5164 195C 05DE 21E3 E377 13E1 5586 | CEO of IOHK And of Course: 7633A01E022A6E5B57F68387E78F2A8BA43F91307E8331DC72BAA04CDA4578AF

Hotep Jesus  

Author & Founder | Startups: | As seen on Joe Rogan, FOX, VICE & more

Laura Shin  

Crypto journalist; Host of and . Sign up for my weekly newsletter! Nocoiner. Writing a book about crypto

Joseph Lubin  

Co-founder of & Founder of . Building the decentralized Web 3.0 on .

Don Tapscott  

Media theorist. Author. Adjunct Professor. Hammond B3 player. Co-founder of the .

Altcoin Dad  

Dad/Cryptocurrency trader since 2013.

Ben Bernanke  

Author of The Courage to Act, now available in paperback: . Former Fed Chair; Distinguished Fellow in Residence, .


Investing in crypto since 2013, started this account in 2014 so we can grow together! Have fun, life is too short for drama!

Meltem Demirors    

i like sci fi books, bitcoin, and talking with my hands. building . pronouns are corporation / entity. i print money, digitally. literally. brrr.

Mark Fidelman          

Speaks #Marketing as a second language.🏆 #Fitness fanatic 💪 Author of Socialized!

Cryptonized Podcast host: tips on YouTube

Stacy Herbert    

Love in the time of pandemic.

I will never dm you with bitcoin trading advice. I talk to space cats about bitcoin & gold with on .

Ryan Selkis  

founder (acquired ) | self-retweets are endorsements | join our 150+ speaker virtual event for COVID relief:

Alex Winter  

Actor, filmmaker, harried dad. Founder . Now: & . Next: , , .

Jeff Garzik  

Husband, father, builder, Co-founder , & others, proud son of a USMC F-4 pilot.


Father, Husband, Infosec, Trader & Miner. Digital Asset Assessment and Degradation. From Genesis to Delisting.

Emin Gün Sirer  

CEO , Prof , co-director , currently on leave from the last two

Tiffany Hayden    

Connor & Dylan’s mom.

David Gokhshtein  

Republican Candidate for House | Member & Contributing Writer Finance Council.

Siraj Raval      

Tech Activist spreading data literacy | Entrepreneur | Best-Selling Author of Decentralized Apps | Founded

Pierre Rochard  

Thoughts here are my own

Trace Mayer  

Host Podcast. A radiant torrent of facepalm inducing truth. Monetary sovereignty patriot. Babe Ruth of shills & THE Hodler of Last Resort.

Pieter Wuille  

I'm Pieter. I work at . I do stuff.

Brock Pierce  

Conscious capitalist, purpose driven, working to positively impact the lives of a billion people (RT/Fav/Follow are not endorsements).

Erik Finman    

We launched a Satellite | TIME's Most Influential Teen | Fixing Education | Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire | A SATIRE of new 💰

We launched a Satellite | TIME's Most Influential Teen | Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

Caitlin Long    

Founder/CEO . since 2012. GovGordon appointee to Wyoming Select Committee. 22-yr Wall St veteran. Not advice;not views of Avanti!

Francis Pouliot  

CEO of (former ). Founder of . Bitcoin Embassy 2013-2017. Recovering economic policy analyst ☣️ Remnant Maximalist.

Andrei Jikh      

💵 I teach Finance 🔻 Social Proof Below… 🌟 600K+ On YouTube 👌 I hate it too…haiku

I teach Finance & Investing on YouTube

Chris Larsen    

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of Ripple

Matt Odell  

bitcoin, distributed systems, and privacy advocate ▫️ projects, resources, disclosures, and PGP key: ▫️ stay humble. stack sats.

Nathaniel Popper  

technology reporter ; author of Digital Gold, a history of Bitcoin;; dm me for signal or pgp

Giacomo Zucco  

LNP/BP & (Bitcoin) maximalist. Black (market) supremacist. Road minimalist. shill. Transcendentalphobic. Lesbian. Pronouns: Khaaaaaaan!!!/Khaaaaaan's

Michael Goldstein  

Bitcoin and meat maximalist. President, . Co-host, . Curator,

Cathie Wood  

Founder, CEO and CIO . Thematic portfolio manager for disruptive innovation, mom, economist, and women's advocate. Disclosure:

Bram Cohen  

Big Kahuna at previously created BitTorrent

Adam Draper  

Invest in Founders Building Superpowers. Managing Director of the Accelerator.

Zara Zentio    

Zarabosszentio 👻

Crypto Girl and nude model

Stephan Livera    

Podcaster, co-founder , partner . Learn more about Bitcoin's economics & technology. Subscribe 👇

Ryan X. Charles  

Founder & CEO of Money Button

Ben Mezrich      

I love a good story.

I am a writer. I wrote Bringing Down The House and Accidental Billionaires, which were made into the movies ‘21’ and ‘the social network’.

Simon Dixon      

Left inv. Bank 2006. CoFounded Investment Platform 2010. Spoke @ 1st Bitcoin conference & Wrote ‘Bank To The Future ‘ 2011. angel investor

Catherine Austin Fitts  

Actionable intelligence for a free & inspired life!

Tai Zen  

Trader, Entrepreneur & CEO @ & Co-Creator of the TaiFu™ 30 Cryptocurrency Market Index at

Alena Vranova    

🎆Co-Founder and Ex -CEO at SatoshiLabs.🎆 📈Talented Business Developer📉 📊Bitcoin Supporter and most Expert Trade📊 Dm +1 608-291-9062💰

Author of , available in EN ES PT on Amazon. Built some cool stuff ( )

Taylor Monahan  

Founder & CEO of

Daniel Roberts  

Editor-at-Large . sports business; tech; media; bitcoin. rabbit holes. Boston teams. 📬: droberts[@]yahoofinance[.]com

Tommy World Power  

Creator of & . In cryptocurrency since 2013. Attentive to the greatest powers in the world. My opinions are not investment advice.

Chiara Francica    

Vegan 🌱 Lifestyle Marketer 🌴 Organic Marketing Specialist 🔥 Maltese 🇲🇹 Living in Madrid 📍

Bill Barhydt    

CEO & Founder, Abra

Kiana Danial          

Mom👩‍👧wife👫🏻skier⛷investor💰 Featured in Forbes, FOX, CNN Helping moms finish rich💪 My ONLY Instagram Account

I show busy moms how to invest in crypto & stocks with confidence without doing any math👩‍👧‍👦Author 📚 CEO . Featured on Forbes, FOX, CNN, Nasdaq

Sinclair Skinner  

Skegee & Howard Alum, Mech Eng, Pre-Racial Thought Leader, Co-Founder & , Aviator, Global Green Book Editor, Nupe👌🏿

Jalak Jobanputra  

VC since 99. Founder . Global Nomad. x Ballerina. Early investor.

Amanda B. Johnson    

Supervisor-Secretary at .

Evan Ratliff  

Journalist. Author of THE MASTERMIND (out now!). Cohost . Past: cofounder , .

Amir Taaki  

"The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools"

Ben Perrin        

Calgary based, host of the BTC Sessions. Is crypto-insta even a thing?

Host of the BTC Sessions on YouTube. Podcast Telegram LN tips

Ben Perrin      

Calgary based, host of the BTC Sessions. Is crypto-insta even a thing?

Host of the BTC Sessions on YouTube. Podcast Telegram LN tips

Elizabeth McCauley  

Luckiest wife & mommy, tech, political junkie

Jen Wieczner  

Senior writer : Wall Street, $$$, crypto. Editor . Ride bikes, do yoga, drink green juice. Vee-ETCH-ner.

Brian Fabian Crain  

Co-Founder/CEO . Towards open systems and freedom. 🚀. Co-host Epicenter podcast

Cesar Gaytn    

Cesar Gaytán - Public Speaker, Youtuber, infoSec and Blockchain expert. Business:

Tony Sheng  

selling money

Eric Lamison-White    

CEO . Opines on Monetary Policy including BTC/Crypto. Stablecoin patent holder. Writer , Speaker. Seen in TheStreet, INC, Entrepreneur

Jeremy Welch  

Founder . $@jeremy on . Courage, gratitude, love. ---------------------------------------------- **All tweets self-destruct in one month.

Kate Rooney  

Payments, fintech | Retired | Boston College | Northwestern Medill Mafia | Tips to or Twitter DM

Ben Lawsky  

CEO, The Lawsky Group; Stanford University Cyber Initiative; Former Superintendent of Financial Services for the State of New York (2011-2015)


The official and only Twitter account for the VoskCoin YouTube channel dedicated to create fun and informative cryptocurrency content!

David Chaum    

Cryptography pioneer. Inventor & developer of vault systems, the blind signature, mix networks, & the first anonymous digital currency

Crypto Finally      

It’s ya girl - Infamy & #Bitcoin 🎤✈️ As seen on MTV & in Forbes, please @ me. Check fake accounts: @cryptofinallyscamaccounts

Melanie Shapiro      

Maker of magic 🔺 | CEO of @my.token

Maker of magic, lover of movement | CEO of 🔺

Jeff Berwick      

Your Home for Anarcho-Capitalist Podcasts on the Internet - Hosted by the Jeff Berwick - peaceful, freedom-loving Anarchist tweets here

Marshall Long      

crypto since '10. OG Bitcoin miner. Esports . My opinions are my own and don't reflect corporate opinion 🕊️

Hartej Sawhney      

cmbdo • principal • contributor • creative director • investor • • punjabi born in nj 🇺🇲 • he/him

Galia Benartzi    

Entrepreneur, plant lover, blockchain enthusiast, community builder, loyalist, woman

Noelle Acheson  

Director of Research | Producer of the Institutional Crypto newsletter | CFA | things are never as straightforward as they seem | Madrid-London-NY

Cedric Dahl      

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ politely disagree with me *Beware scammers. I don't do ads. I don't use Telegram.*

Greg Schoen  

I guess I talk about crypto currency now, or something.

Koleya Karrington    

CEO of Absolute Combustion, Executive Director of the Alberta Blockchain Consortium, Co-Founder of the Canadian Association for Women in Blockchain

Sébastien Couture  

Co-Founder & Host Podcast – Coms Director – Organizer – My tweets suffer from Linguistic Identity Disorder.

Adriana Belotti  

Cultural Conditioning Renegade — A nut since 2014. PSA: I ignore trolls.

Frank Braun  

Cypherpunk | cryptoanarchist | | co-host of the Cypherpunk Bitstream podcast:

Jordan Leigh    

I just want to play shows and make music, travel the globe and code the soundtrack to it

Noah Jessop  

Building and investing in Silicon Valley. Still learning. No warranties expressed or implied.

Zach Piester    

Digital Transformation | Innovation | Experience Designer | Blockchain | Bitcoin | eSports | Investor | Global Keynote Speaker zachpieste Always on an airplane

Neil deMause      

Writer about things. Also, stuff. Author of and . "Surprisingly levelheaded" —Publishers Weekly

Marco Cavicchioli      

Divulgatore, docente e youtuber. Fondatore de e Collaboratore del e di .

Crypto Casey      

Hello, I’m Crypto Casey. I make #cryptoeducation videos about #cryptocurrency, #blockchain, #bitcoin, and #ethereum. Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

I make informational videos about blockchain technology, bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency for beginners. Subscribe to me:

Luke Mitchell (programmer)  

Cryptocurrency developer and consultant. I explore stuff.

Bertrand Diard  

CEO & Co-founder, Co-founder, board member, Venture Partner, board member

Merunas Grincalaitis  

Programmer / Web app developer / Blockchain developer

Steve Ehrlich    

CEO, Voyager Digital (Canada) Ltd, a crypto-asset broker made for every investor. Voyager is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol VYGR.

Bogdan Fiedur    

Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Grey Jabesi    

I follow everyone back. I also unfollow everyone who unfollows! let’s get this $

Andy Hoffman  

26 years of financial market experience, including 15 as a leading Precious Metals commentator. And now, one of the world's leading Bitcoin enthusiasts!

Rex Kneisley      

The Crypto Dad is a regular guy with a keen interest in all things related to Cryptography.

Aaron St. Hilaire    

Digital Marketing Consultant - Facebook Advertising Expert - Best-selling Author of Escaping the Military - St. Hilaire Personal Investments

Larissa Larson  

Luxury Beverly Hills Companion and Dinner Date | | Discreet girlfriend | International Follow _LarissaLarson for interaction

Amy Kim  

chief policy officer promoting blockchain, background in AML/OFAC. RT not endorsements. Tweets my own.

AB McKinley  

3 decades in the Oil & Gas, Renewable industries around the globe. More importantly, sharing life's little moments - Founder & MD of Share Talk Ltd

Yubo Ruan    

Founder of , a venture firm accelerating adoption of ; I am a and in all tech verticals

Vladimir Renda  

Partner at - Australian boutique digital asset advisory and investment firm.

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